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Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
HALLO! Kralle at your service! :heart:

Cure No. 97224…
WorldCosplay: Kralle

I am Fil-Chinese, born in the Philippines, migrated to Canada,
currently studying in Japan, Goes to cons in the USA~

Current Residence: Tokyo (but changes country 3 times a year OTL)
Favourite style of art: anything that will blind you! :)
Favourite cartoon character: Ely, Shinatty-chan, Nyako-sensei, Nigo...etc...animals LOL! XD
So~ there was this event in Animate cafe for the entire October, which was as the title says, A Magi (Labyrinth of Magic) Cafe~!! :star:
The menu is based on characters and each other gets a freebie~

Here's a drawing in front as you enter the cafe~ :heart:

And when you enter, you are welcomed by these sexy outfits LOL~!!!
JUUUDAAAALLL~!!! even the headless mannequin is sexy hahaha!!

And this is the food menu! (not the exact names...its just what i remembered)
From the top left: Aladdin's I love you Onei-san Grilled Lamb with gravy and Rice, Balbad's Fish and Yam curry,
Shindoria's Eight Generals Chicken Gratin, Sinbad's seafood pasta (THE BEST in my opinion),
Kou empires appetizer Chashuu with beansprout, Aladdin Alibaba and Mor's dessert plate Mango and
Strawberry cheesecake with Ramune flavored soft serve, Judal's Black Rukh Parfait Sesame softserve with brownies.

Then the drink menu~
Aladdin and Yamu's Yougurt drink and chocolate roll cake, Alibaba and Sharkkan's Milk Tea and Potato Ice cream (LOL),
Morgianna and Masaruru's Strawberry jelly drink and Cassis Ice cream, Sinbad's HOT chocolate with Crispy Pie,
Jafar's Binge Drinking Alcoholic drink with muscat, Judal's Black Sun Iced Coffee with coffee jelly

We (me and CenaFenrier) went there for 2 days since we cant order everything in one sitting!
We ended up trying EVERYTHING...well except for Jafar's drink ;A; sorry Jafar, is still lub you~

Here's what I ordered the first time~ Sinbad's Seafood pasta :heart: (10/10)
IT WAS VERY delicious~!!! I wanna eat it NOW but no more Magi cafe~ WHYYY?! TAT
It was as delicious as sinbad LOOOOOL~!!!

Hei's order~ It was also delicious! Balbad's Fish and Yam Curry (7/10)
it was slimy tho haha because of the yams and there was a strand of hair!! LOOOL!!
Hei and I were laughing since, the sauce's texture was like spit and then the hair!
Balbad is in a very bad state right now....

Alibaba and Sharkkan drink pair~ (6/10)
Hei was shocked why the ice cream had a potato chip...then realized later on that the Ice cream was potato flavor!
I just think its funny that alibaba is represented by a POTATO LOOOL!!

Every time you order a drink you get a random coaster~!! And we got Sinbad!! : D

Judal's Parfait~ (7/10)
Look the parfait is melting because of Judal's hotness!!! hahahahha~!!

Then these are the things we ordered the next time we went!
Aladdin and Yamu's Lamb! Delicious!! Actually everything was delicious so im just gonna stop saying it! (9.5/10)
Yamu's Boobs~ hahahahha!!

Kou empire's appetizer! Made by Hakkuryu wahahhaha!! (8/10)
It was a cold plate so I just wish it was hotter but cant really complain~!! :9

Shindoria's Eight Generals~ (9/10)
we ate this as a second meal so I was almost at my limit, but we must order everything!!!
You can only stay there for 1.5 hours! So eat as many as you can hahaha! It's hard to get a reservation!!

Aladdin Alibaba and Morgianna's dessert plate!!! COLORFUL!! (8/10)

We also ordered Judal's Black Sun Coffee, Sinbad's Hot chocolate, Mor and Masaruru's drink and ice cream, Aladdin and Yamu's Yogurt drink and chocolate cake!!!!

These are the coasters we got!!! wow no repeats!! YES!!!
And got a Judal which is what i came for hahaha!!
There's a 2nd hand store here that sells these, so if you cant get a reservation you can still buy a coaster
BUT there are NO Judals in there!! We pass by there almost everyday and I never saw him!!

The bookmarks are the freebie from the food!
AND LOOK!!! JUDALS!!! I think I got 3 of him LOOOOL~!!!
As i said he's kinda rare since they dont have him in the 2nd hand stores!! AND TO HAVE THESE MANY WOW....
The black rukh is circling around me too much hahahaha!!

The tables have different designs, Here's an example!
We got the Magi table hahaha Aladdin and Judal~ (yes judal again!!)
There's Sinbad and Jafar, Mor and Masaruru, Aladdin and Alibaba

There is also this wall~ which you can draw anything you like~!!! I wish i could draw since
everybody here for some reason knows how to whaa???...

Hei's drawing!! LOOOL!! It's just staring at you~!!

Here's a drawing that I found funny!!
What Sinbad is saying (as I understood it): "The shrimp that is under the leaf in that supposed to mean something?!
I dont know what you are trying to say but I dont find it funny..."
LOOOL!! Did you guys get it? :3
(for those who didnt get it: he is referring to the leaf he was "wearing" when he was naked. So his dinger under the leaf = the shrimp under the leaf)

And this is a poster in the toilet LOOOL~!!
I thought it was funny bit some might find it awkward to do their business while Judal is staring at you hahaha!!

END!! The event this November in Animate Cafe is Evangelion~
I wonder who it is gonna be for December
kurokonobasuke kurokonobasuke kurokonobasuke!!
  • Listening to: Kuroko no Basuke Radio Show!!
  • Reading: Magi
  • Watching: Magi
  • Eating: Chestnut cake~ <3..


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